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Community-based Therapy

Committed to Supporting the Whole Family Using a Neurodiverse Approach

The goal of Community-based therapy (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy) is to help the child reach goals and open up new possibilities by strengthening self help skills, sensory processing, emotional regulation and participation in routines in the home.  Community Based services focus on parent education, self harm, meltdowns and transitions.  The approach used during these sessions is a child led, and child centered.  In addition, the therapists use problem solving and collaboration with the child to reach their goals.  

Co-regulation and building relationships and respect is the foundation of the approach used to support each child's development and regulation.  Managing behavior (ABA) is not the solution.  Instead starting to ask questions such as:  Does the child feel safe, Does the child feel heard, Does the child feel connected, Are the child's individual needs being met, has the child experienced trauma or Is there something in the environment making it difficult is where to turn.  All of these questions guide therapy sessions.  

The premise that children do well when they can is followed for every session.  We work under the assumption that all behavior is communication and there needs to be a why.  The old way of thinking was that it was attention seeking, defiance, escape, or avoidance which led to rewards and punishments for compliance.  Kuhl Therapies uses a paradigm shift backed by science.  This thinking digs deeper and the why is based on sensory processing, motor challenges, emotional regulation learning disabilities and trauma.  Digging deeper creates more in depth problem solving that truly gets to the root of why rather than the child masking what is really going on.  

Kuhl Therapies strives to create connection and go into their world.  We seek to understand their perspective, have empathy and compassion for the world that they live in and therefore to help adapt ourselves rather than trying to change them.  Kuhl Therapies accepts each person as unique and feel that differences are Kuhl (pronounced cool)!​

Why choose in home?

Community Based Services is used as an alternative to ABA for children with neurodivergence
Families seek Community Based Services when children are struggling with any of the following:

  • Self Regulation

  • Activities of Daily Life 

  • Sensory Processing

  • Feeding Difficulties 

  • Transitions

  • Following Directions 

  • Executive Functioning 

  • Noticing Signs of Distress and alleviating the cause 

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Accessing the home environment 

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